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Health Information Exchange – CCO
The Patients Perspective

When it comes to your healthcare, … time matters. Shouldn’t your healthcare provider have a complete picture of your health and medical history before treating you?

Coordinated Care Oklahoma (CCO) gives participating healthcare providers secure access to real-time, aggregated, complete medical records.

We advocate for patients in the healthcare system by connecting doctors, labs and hospitals with your vital health information.

This enables providers to talk candidly with patients, and it helps you make well-informed decisions about your care.

CCO: Security & mindfulness of patient privacy.


Coordinated Care Oklahoma is a Health Information Exchange (HIE).

A Health information exchange is the transmission of healthcare-related data among facilities, healthcare providers, medical organizations, and government agencies. HIE’s were established to bring high standards for interoperability, security and confidentiality into our healthcare system

HIE’s are an important part of the health information technology infrastructure. The purpose is to improve health care in the community through the process of sharing information. HIE’s may include large public or private hospitals; community health centers, ambulatory care centers, clinics, and non-hospital residential facilities such as rehabilitation centers and long-term care facilities.

HIEs are the building blocks of the National Health Information Network (NHIN). Built on the premise that patients must see multiple care givers to obtain optimal health care, and focused on the goal to provide up-to-date, secure, confidential, and accurate electronic patient records for each of these care givers / facilities — at every step of a patient’s health care journey.

CCO’s List of Member Providers

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As healthcare continues to become more patient driven, patients are realizing they are the ultimate consumers of their own healthcare. Patients are called on to ensure exceptional healthcare for themselves and their families.

Through an HIE, patients are given the ability to ensure physician practices, hospitals, and clinics in wide geographic areas are tied together by health information technology — all to the benefit of better patient care.

This means patients can rest assured that health care providers in the CCO network have access to a patient’s most up-to-date and pertinent medical records. As such, attentive and alert patients are enabled to work together with healthcare providers to improve health, and everyone works from the same, vital clinical information.


Information is power, and Electronic Health Records (EHRs) can help put you in control of your healthcare choices. Electronic Health Records and patient portals bring healthcare into the 21st century. In today’s “wireless world”, we are used to having access to all sorts of information at the tip of our fingers. With EHRs, consumers now are capable of managing health records as effectively as they manage phone contacts, flight reservations, or financial information.

Primary care doctors and specialists now make lab results available electronically via secure patient portals. This means patients now can look at the results on their own time, learn how far they are from the recommended ranges, and take proactive action to improve their own health; to see how they are improving over a period of time. This powerful information can improve one’s health.

Health professionals need complete & accurate health information to correctly diagnose and treat patients. Over a lifetime each provider a patient visits for care holds a piece of the patient’s medical history. If the complete medical history can be viewed together, using HIE, the patient receives better care. When it comes to HIE, and a patient’s perspective, it’s as simple as that.

Effective, accurate, secure, up-to-date records that follow you wherever you go. HIE improves quality of care. HIE improves continuity of care. HIE provides patients with better access to personal health information. Patients receive better care — whether in an office setting or an emergency situation.

Your Patient Benefits at CCO
  • Your medical records are current, accessible, safe
    and secure
  • Your health professionals can collaborate and
    communicate on your care
  • Your personal health data is available when you need
    treatment away from home
  • EHR transfer among health professionals is instant
    and accurate

mydirectives-logo-ccoMyDirectives & CCO

MyDirectives® is the first completely digital emergency, critical and advance care planning service that is secure, easy to understand, and free to consumers, dedicated to ensuring that emergency first responders, doctors, nurses and caregivers always have access to the most important voice in healthcare – yours.

Through MyDirectives® and MyDirectives MOBILE™, CCO is helping people record and share their medical treatment wishes, preferences regarding palliative and hospice care, organ donation, and autopsy, and other critical personal information on the device, and in the format, that is most convenient and comfortable for them.

MyDirectives then works with personal health record and electronic medical record vendors, as well as healthcare providers and payers, to make all of that information securely available on demand, whenever and wherever needed.

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Coordinated Care Oklahoma provides patients with the option to change participation in the CCO health information exchange. This means you can tell us not to include your records in the health information exchange. NOTE: opting out means participating Physicians and authorized healthcare providers will not be able to access your personal health records through Coordinated Care Oklahoma.

Any patient can change their participation to share or not share health information with Coordinated Care Oklahoma at any time.

Fill out the downloadable PDF form and snail mail to our offices at the address below and your record will be updated.

About HIPAA & Your Privacy — CCO uses a secure computer network. The information exchanged is used only by authorized personnel, and is protected by state and federal laws. Participation in CCO is voluntary. Your physician will give you the option to opt out of the exchange if you wish.


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