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The CCO Resources page provides a variety of informative documents, videos and links for health care providers, health plan payers, health information exchange organizations, and patients to view and to learn more about electronic health records, meaningful use, and about the various entities working to make secure, electronic health information exchange a reality. This page gives you easy access to useful HIE information.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Coordinated Care Oklahoma health information exchange fit into my workflow?

CCO health information exchange utilizes embedded connections to connect with member EMR/EHR systems. This means access to CCO will already be a part of your workflow using a single sign on connection to access the health information exchange with just one click.

How is patient health information protected in Coordinated Care Oklahoma health information exchange?

Patient health information is protected in a number of ways.

1. First of all the only people who can access CCO are licensed Health Care providers. This includes licensed Physicians, Physician assistants, Nurses, Therapists, Paramedics, and EMTs.

2. CCO is only available through an embedded connection directly into in EMR System.

3. Technical structures are put into place around each members connection to CCO to ensure the highest level of security around the implementation as well as access to any patient health information.
Coordinated Care Oklahoma's Privacy & Security policies are available through our web site. Register on our web site to receive access to our policies.

How long will it take for my patient information to appear within Coordinated Care health information exchange?

CCO uses a synchronization process which provides as close to a real time connection between your EMR and the health information exchange as possible.

This means your data can show up within CCO’s health information exchange within as long as 10-15 minutes of the information being entered into your EMR system. The delay can be due to internet connectivity and the server synchronization between member EMR systems and CCOs synchronization.

Is CCO accessible on different devices?

Yes. Most of the time CCO will be accessed through the single sign on process you use to access your EMR. This means that any device networked to access your EMR will also be able to access CCO health information exchange.

You can access CCO through a tablet or smartphone through the link on our web site using the same login that you use to access CCO through your EMR.

What kind of connections does Coordinated Care Oklahoma Health Information Exchange Services support?

CCO supports both federated and centralized connections to most EMR systems.

What kind of patient health information is available through CCO health information exchange?

A wide range of patient information is available through the CCO interface including;

  • Diagnoses
  • Vitals
  • History & Physicals
  • Discharge Summaries
  • Medications
  • Allergies
  • Immunizations
  • Encounters
  • Labs
  • Provider Reports
  • Procedures
  • Anatomic Pathology & Microbiology
  • Recommendations


The information available for CCO health information exchange may vary slightly based on the EMR system and how patient health information is presented. CCO makes every effort to provide consistency with how member information is shared and presented through the CCO health information exchange.

Who can I contact if I need help?

We can be reached at our offices by phone, e-mail, or through our web site.

405-701-3515 - Offices - Email

Will CCO Health Information Exchange help my organization meet Meaningful Use Requirements?

Yes, by utilizing CCO health information exchange as well as a HIPAA compliant email tool both Meaningful Use levels 1 and 2 will be met. CCO is committed to maintaining and implementing future enhancements to continue to meet future Meaningful Use requirements.

Will Coordinated Care Oklahoma connect to my EMR?

CCO has the ability to connect to more than 45 different EMRs. A technical assessment is a part of the process to connect to CCO. A list of EMRs which we have the capability of connecting to can be found on our web site.

How do Coordinated Care and MyDirectives work together?

When a patient visits a CCO member, the member’s EMR/EHR system sends an alert to CCO, and CCO sends similar alerts to all of its patient data sources, including MyDirectives.

MyDirectives queries its database to see whether it is storing an advance care plan for the patient. If MyDirectives finds a matching advance care plan in its system, MyDirectives securely transmits it to CCO, who then makes it available to the member.

Each time the patient updates his/her advance care plan, MyDirectives sends the new version to CCO so that healthcare providers will always have the most recent version.

CCO’s List of Member Providers

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Coordinated Care Oklahoma provides patients with the option to change participation in the CCO health information exchange. This means you can tell us not to include your records in the health information exchange. NOTE: opting out means participating Physicians and authorized healthcare providers will not be able to access your personal health records through Coordinated Care Oklahoma.

Any patient can change their participation to share or not share health information with Coordinated Care Oklahoma at any time.

Fill out the downloadable PDF form and snail mail to our offices at the address below and your record will be updated.

About HIPPA & Your Privacy — CCO uses a secure computer network. The information exchanged is used only by authorized personnel, and is protected by state and federal laws. Participation in CCO is voluntary. Your physician will give you the option to opt out of the exchange if you wish.


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